Nike House of Go Art Installation, Chicago, Illinois

Whoa! Still beaming and gleaming from this job. Nike asked me to create a one of a kind, unique, interactive art installation for their House of Go pop up shop onMichigan Ave in Chicago. Nike was releasing a new shoe called the Nike React. Lightweight and soft and feels like you're running on clouds and pillows! The idea was to create a large scale treadmill room where you could try on the shoe to test it out and run in a world (created by me) that is bright and vibrant and interactive! When you visited the House of Go, the public/consumers were given the opportunity to try the shoe on, run on the treadmill and run with my characters! You could pick from 1 of 5 avatars I created and while you would tun... they would run. If you raised your arms, they would raise their arms. If you jumped, they would jump!. Such a rad experience for the public but especially for me to see my characters come to life! This was the first time I saw my world animated and it was so incredible. Big shout of to the entire Nike team that work with me to make this dream come true and to Chicago Truborn for the unparalleled support and management.