Lauren Asta

Lauren Asta is a traveling muralist and artist. She specializes in illustration, oddity art, doodle art, street art and murals. Her murals are all hand painted without any aid of a sketch, projector, or traced outlined. She works completely free hand. Currently she is on a tour (#astaarttour) across the United States, and beyond… attacking any wall she can get her hands on (indoor and/or exterior). You can follow her progress on instagram: @lauren_asta or on her Facebook: If you are/know someone that has a business that could use a mural (indoor and/or exterior) please contact me. Doesn't matter what city or project, I am interested in hearing what you've got in mind:

The way we are fed information plays an important factor on how we respond to any public message. It is my goal to convey information, light or heavy with content, in an attractive & animated way. Creating public artwork allows me to visually stimulate an audience & if I'm lucky, inspire them with my cast of characters doing what they do best... being humorous about the human experience. The past 5 years I've become a recognizable public art figure in the San Francisco community all the way to NYC and beyond. The creation and accomplishment of public art is where I find my art thrives best. The enormous amount of intentional memories created in front of my murals are so profound, it should continually remind us that art is indeed an important part of our lives. People watch & document the process from start to finish and ultimately feel attached to the project. The power of the community that develops when we have a collective and creative voice can empower the voice of the individual.

Art creates an emotional connection within us. Art allows us to pay attention and to be connected to it and thus be connected with others. I want my time here in this life to be special and meaningful. Using my emotional and human experience through art, allows me to make my mark in this world. My desire to contribute something positive and worthwhile is so strong, one might say art is what makes me feel human.

My murals are all hand painted freestyle typically without any aid of a sketch, projector, or traced outlined. The fact that I work completely freehand, and by myself, attracts a large audience. People are in disbelief most of the time that I do not use an aid in my work. My extensive experience in public art over the last three years has built my confidence in understanding my career as a public artist. What supplies I know I need. What an appropriate amount of time is expected. Application methods of art materials. I have had enough "trial and error" experiences to know what works best for me. Collaborating with clients and communities can be some artists worst fear, but for me is an exciting way to nurture my desire to grow as an artist. Understanding a persons desire and creating a "product" from both our minds is a challenge I am always willing to accept and excel at. The mural process is quite simple for me... I need paint, no rain, a blank wall, a scissor lift and time... But really, it's that simple. I typically start in the bottom left corner and work left to right, up to down (imagine a typewriter).