Day In The Life At Sector 9

A very kind fan wrote to me and said they were so curious what aday in the life was like for me. I thought I would take today to show a few snaps of a typical work day when I am in the thick of things! This is currently day 3 of my mural progress at Sector 9 in San Diego. I expect 6 more duplicate days like this making 9 straight days of this total... My longest record of days like this in a row is 30 :).

Oh it's so glamorous. I genuinely am excited to get up at 6:30AM (sometimes earlier) to get my butt to the wall. Even though I am not usually very hungry first thing in the morning, I gotta eat something for the day. MMmmmmm cereal in a cup.

Pretty damn lucky to go for a beautiful walk at 7:15AM in sunny San Diego. I usually try to find places to stay close to where I am working... This walk is about 30 min to Sector 9.

Self explanatory... COFFEE as soon as I get to work.

I usually like to do my set up and wires and cords and GoPro and any emails etc out of the way (the best I can) before I start... I have two GoPros set up for this mural. I will hope to post the time lapse soon after I finish!

From this point on it's WORK. I usually listen to music or the Marc Maron Podcast WTF.

I usually don't have time to really stop and eat so it's whatever I have packed shoved in my face... Paint and all. Kinda...

More work! Even when people are around talking to me it's focus focus focus.

One of the best parts of the day... When I can sit back and figure out what I did today and what I need to do tomorrow... It also doesn't hurt to have a free keg of beer about 20 feet away from me.

Doesn't take too long to sink in.

I've stayed at all sorts of places, houses, beds, floors... Times like this, I am staying in a little cottage in the backyard of an awesome house. It has everything I need... Bed, shower... But no kitchen, just a fridge. So sometimes I have to get creative for food... Basically no cooking, everything is pretty much cold and raw, Might sound crazy, but I love it.... Plenty of time to go out and celebrate when I am done!