Pop Pie Co. Exterior Mural, San Diego, CA.

After a nice break from my 2016 mural marathon, I was so pumped to kick off 2017 in San Diego Ca! The first gig of 2017 was at a sweet joint called Pop Pie Co. in the University Heights neighborhood. The exterior mural I did here was unique in many way... It was my first time creating a mural on a gray background (typically I work on white walls with black lines... this one was inverted and I loved working like this). It was also in a very awkward nook but I think I made it work well! It got a really great response from the community and I am so happy to have met the crew over at Pop Pie Co. It took me 6 days and it was an absolute pleasure to work for them. (It also didn't hurt that their food was INCREDIBLE). If you're in San Diego, definitely go check out the mural and grab a sweet or savory pie!